A Huge Surprise

From the papers I had learned about an abandoned factory complex located outside a small town. Back in 2013 there had been a bankrupcy, and the place had stood idle ever since. The owner wanted to demolish some of the buildings after an arson, but the museum opposed. The situation was at a standstill, and that’s why I added the place to my list of locations.

The origins of the company went back to the 1930’s and to the part of Karelia ceded to the Soviet Union after World War II. The company moved to the small town, where a new factory was built. It produced fibres used in fabric production.

After several ownership changes, bankrupcy came in 2008. A new company was founded and took over production, but after constant interruptions another bankrupcy came in 2013.

I expected to find an abandoned factory. I didn’t expect this.

It wasn’t just a factory, it was a huge complex, which never fitted in one picture and occupied a whole cape. Next to it were huge parking lots, where some guy was selling something to a group of moped driving teenagers – whether it was drugs or Swedish snus, I will never know.

The parking lot of the marketing department was quite overgrown.

I tried walking around the area to find gaps in the fence, but the whole complex was simply too large for that.

Back to the front yard. There were several auxiliary buildings outside the fenced and guarded factory area.

As seen here. I wasn’t entirely sure, if all the buildings in the area were abandoned.

The stairs led up to the factory manager’s apartment. It was an amazing building in the functionalistic or Bauhaus style, which I so much love, as you soon can see.

And here it is. As you can see, it is mainly built for representing, not essentially for living. At first I was extremely worried about its future, but it turned out, that it had become a data center for a local web hosting and it company. This was quite a relief.

So another look at the main complex.

There were some old warehouses outside the factory area. When I arrived some cars were parked next to them, so I still wasn’t quite sure, if there was something going on in them.

And the final photo from the area showing the main gate. Another addition to my long list of places to visit again.

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