Senseless Destruction Part III

I entered the 1930’s built yellow building through the back.

This is the main message wrtitten in the kitchen: the school offered shitty potatoes. Quite a message to deliver.

The 1930’s building was equally as badly destroyed as the newer building was. There really wasn’t much to see.

The old building had been renovated at some point. And the renovation had included new elevators.

I did a quick walkaround, but was just met with everything put in bits and pieces. The basement would have perhaps offered something, but I decided not to go that way.

Instead I continued to see, what was in the long corridors in the building.

It turned out there were hospital rooms pretty similar to the ones in the main building. They had suffered lots of damage like the ones everywhere around the place.

When walking around the place, I understood why it wasn’t used anymore. The place was quite a maze.

Being abandoned for ten years had left its mark on the building. Vandals had left another mark.

Some of the windows were covered with plywood, so parts of the building were dark.

Typical for its era, the building was built in two halves, which were in different levels. This can be seen in the elevator, where the doors on the other side are to the half floors.

Such nice light!

And finally the attic. There wasn’t much to see here either.

And nowadays there’s nothing to be seen. The cement company demolished the buildings in 2021.

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