Senseless Destruction Part II

The first interior shot from the main building, which I entered through a back door area, which had suffered a fire. Perhaps this is when you realize the title of this post. I have never seen a building, which has suffered such an extensive damage by vandals. I mean, there is literally nothing left.

All the floors of the building were pretty much the same. A corridor, some rooms and a lot of destruction.

The destruction continued inside the rooms. Everything, which was even close to loose and breakable had been broken.

The theme continued everywhere. The previous room and this one are auxiliary spaces, but the patient rooms were equally destroyed.

The corridors ended in large glass doors. The old, dark wooden finish was very beautiful, I think.

A look towards the main entrance. Huora is whore in Finnish.

A closer look at the main entrance. It was built in a time, when quality was displayed by design and materials. The tiled floor is a reminder of that era.

Another corridor towards the older building. The destruction continued here.

But I would enter the yellow building.

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