The Z Part II

There was still quite a lot of old hospital equipment left in the building. It seemed like the hospital district didn’t care about it anymore after the hospital was closed in 2000.

Paint is slowly peeling off the walls. The building has sat abandoned for 20 years, and apparently heating has been off for several years of them.

The white and light grey interior looked clinical, yet light. The yellow doors add a nice touch of color.

The use of grey and greenish tiles was pretty inconsistent.

Another nice, large, light room. Use unknown.

Wonder what that container has in it. Bleach?

There were several stairways inside the building.

Because of the shape of the building not all rooms were square shaped.

If this piece really has been done in 2018, it proves that the building has attracted vandals for several years. Note yet another type of floor tiles.

Staff rooms in a lobby.

Wonder what this machine has been. At least there’s a whole lot of buttons.

A very familiar looking clock from previous locations. Wonder why it has been covered. Maybe someone was preparing for a renovation.

Another staff room with a large window towards a lobby and a control panel with lots of buttons.

I walked back to the door which I used to enter. The sheet asks to make sure that the door is closed. A previous visitor didn’t obey, I did. I made sure it was closed and locked before I left.

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