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What usually happens with my projects is, that they tend to get slightly out of hand. This is exactly what has happened with Deserted Finland.

When I started the website back in late 2020, it was just a photo blog. Then I got one of my fabulous ideas and built a whole website with galleries and stuff. I bought a new camera and started doing urbexing tours several months long.

I’ve now managed to go through my photo collection from 2007 to June 2020. It’s been almost 9000 shots so far, and since then I have taken about 17000 more, which still wait for publishing. Around the time when Deserted Finland was celebrating its 2nd birthday, I was faced with two problems.

One: I was rapidly running out of space on my WordPress plan.

Two: I wanted to find new use for all the photos I’ve taken and edited.

So there was this Black Friday sale, which had a good discount on the professional WordPress package. It multiplied the cloud space but also added the possibility to create an online store.

After an exhausting research, I found a print on demand service, where dropshipping prints could be integrated into my website. I spent another few evenings building a store. It was ready about a week ago and on Thursday I received my sample order.

So it seems that the service does what it’s supposed to do and delivers good enough quality for me to go public with the shop.

Postcards available here.

There’s another store section for art prints. They come from a different service provider, which I haven’t tested yet. This will happen next month, so hold your horses.

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