Deserted Lisbon

In early May I booked a week in Lisbon to go see a friend. Another holiday, another country, another beautiful town with lots of old buildings, beautiful architecture and rich history.

I spent my days taking long, aimless walks, eating local food in restaurants where they didn’t speak English and visiting tourist attractions. But of course I had other attractions, too.

The amount of historical buildings in bad condition was significant. This one was clearly empty, and something was happening with it. The neighbouring house had already been demolished, so I was a little restless about the fate of this one.

The board would have told me what would happen with the house, but unfortunately my Portuguese is limited to the words ‘obrigado’ and ‘leitão’, which means pork. I learned it in a restaurant, where the menu was only in Portuguese, and the waiter said ‘leitao is pork. Is pork!’ in a very aggressive tune.

There were several boards like this around town. I photographed them to be able to google later, what the fate of the buildings would be. I really didn’t learn anything useful, but a quick check when writing this post revealed that the ending was happy. Both the houses featured in this post have been beautifully renovated.

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