The Cursed School Part II

After seeing the texts described at the end of the last post, this place started really giving us the chill. I mean they were texts, just texts written by teenagers feeling desperation in this city of hopelessness and social problems. But still they were something different.

“Are we alone in the Universe”, asks a Swedish paper from the sixties. This was even more weird.

An auxiliary building can bee seen through the yard. We couldn’t approach it, as we saw huge rolls of recycled paper in between.

Then we started hearing strange noises from the yard. It was either the wind in the bushes or someone walking, but we didn’t see anybody. We started to freak out, as we knew the door bolted sideways in the opening would prevent a quick escape.

We explored another large classroom and felt easy at first.

“The black curse.
You are ded

“You die if you don’t leave.

That’s the name of a Finnish place and an insulting word about Swedish speaking finns. Below them is another claim that I’m dead and it’s equally misspelled.

There was just some too menacing about that. That somebody wishing us dead couldn’t hyphenate and couldn’t spell dead correctly, as there’s one letter missing. Both elementary mistakes, which are taught correctly on grade one in elementary school.

Whoever he was, we didn’t want to meet him. The mood in the school was too much for us and we left. It was the first time I left an exploration without finishing it because I was too afraid.

Back outside things liiked peaceful again. It was a beautiful school, which could have been turned into something great, had someone taken care of it.

There was so much left to explore. We didn’t even touch the second floor.

We tried to enter the teacher’s apartment building, but it was too outgrown.

One final look at the facade of the building, as I whispered my wows to return.

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