Return to the Workers’ Institute Part III

Our next stop was the attic of the eastern annex building. It was a long open space, where moving was made difficult by thick channels of ventilation pipes made out of concrete and brick. There was really no proper use for the place. It was just for technical equipment and storing things.

Somehow a thick pile of technic, car and building related magazines had ended up here.

The day grandpa’s tv broke down.

The setup really was fascinating in its own peculiar way.

The chair was placed directly under the window almost like a throne.

The main building seen from the eastern annex. The photo really distorts the perspective. You can see right through the third floor corridor as if it was only very short. It wasn’t.

From the attic we go straight down to the basement, where there was a sauna department. This wasn’t a part of the original building, but a later add-on. I’m sorry for the poor image quality.

There was even a terrace behind the sauna, and you could walk directly to the riverbank through the back door to have a nice refreshing swim.

Even the door seemed like a later addition to the building.

The graffiti in the stairway of the main building had appeared since my previous visit.

We walked through the main building all the way to the western annex.

The chaos was even deeper here than in the other parts. There was also much more furniture here.

More than one room contained mattresses in the corner. This seemed to have been a popular place to stay for those, who had no other place to stay.

Although the radiators had been removed even in this part of the complex, the rooms hadn’t been emptied. There was lots of school related thrash around

Someone really had wanted to destroy the wall. I wonder, if their success was more about the wall being badly made or the will to destroy.

Apparently the wall wasn’t an original feature of the building, but rather a later addition. I suspect this, because the rooms on both sides of it had a very hig ceiling, which was unique in the complex.

The destruction didn’t limit to the wall. Even the nice parquette had been thrown all around the place.

It looked pretty much the same on the other side of the destroyed wall. Maybe this room was used as a gym in its previous life?

A collection of closets here.

I feel sorry for the neighbours, who are just around 30 metres away. The smashing of windows and blinds must make an awful noise and is usually done during nights. No wonder they have been complaining.

One of the rooms was a small apartment.

There was no proper kitchen, and the place was pretty messy.

The place was full of newspapers, magazines and other mail. And yes, there had really been someone living here.

The room couldn’t really be called a luxury apartment.

This was the tenant’s car insurance bill. This means that he was registered in this address.

School desks and broken windows were a common feature.

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