Children Of Bodom

Oh, wait. So we are at some outdoor athletics place now?

Yes, it looks very nice. But why are you here? You photograph abandoned places, don’t you?

Okay, something tragic has happened here, but what?

That up front is Lake Bodom. And yes, it’s exactly the Lake Bodom, which the Children of Bodom band has been named after. But the reason for the band’s name is not the lake. It’s what happened right here on this cape 60 years before this photo was taken.

In 1960 four youths, two 18-year-old boys and their 15-year-old girlfriends went camping. In the middle of the night someone started stabbing and bludgeoning them. Three of them died, one of them was seriously hurt. That seriously hurt one was prosecuted for the three murders in 2004, but later acquitted.

The Lake Bodom Murders is one of the most famous cold cases in Finnish criminal history. But there are two more unsolved murders from the same era, and guess, who studied their locations when buying the summer car…

More pointless crime scenes to follow. But before that one last look at the view to a kill.

Beautiful. Notice the James Bond reference?

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