An Unwanted Monument

I finished school and decided to reward myself with a holiday. Lithuania was cheap, unexplored territory and I had some friends there, so I booked tickets without any bigger plans.

I contacted my friends, who lived in Kaunas, and agreed to meet them on the second day of my holiday. I wrote to social media about my plans and got several messages: at the riverfront in Kaunas there’s a huge unfinished office building, which I should go have a look at.

I did a little research, and it definitely wasn’t difficult to find at all. I found out only that it was an office building, which broke ground in the late 1980’s when the Soviet Union was taking its last breaths. It was never finished and had stood empty ever since.

I found the building and found a familiar story:

I was starting to get fed up with this. I wanted to explore buildings, not just see them being crumbled into dust piece by piece.

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