Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

I frequently visited my old hometown down south, and also frequently drove through the small village, where I had lived as a child and started my urban exploration. There wasn’t really much there to see, and little changed, as years rolled by.

The reason for my visits was always the same. I wanted to see, how the old abattoir was doing. I usually just made a drive by slowing down a bit, but this time, for one reason or another, I decided to stop and go take a closer look.

Things really had changed since my previous visit five years earlier. There were almost no intact windows left anymore.

It really wasn’t difficult to gain access this time. The policy was more than open doors.

I climbed to the third floor, sat down on the couch and looked around a bit. I tried to remember the feeling I had in this place on my previous visit, but it was impossible to recall it. The place was now so badly destroyed.

I didn’t explore further, but left after a few minutes. The place was in so much worse shape than previously, that I started saying silent goodbyes to it in my mind.

Goodbye for now.

Click here to see, how the place looked in 2010.

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