A Way To The Woods

From the city to somewhere completely different. This was a place I had read about and as a lover of functionalistic architecture, I was really looking forward to finding it. However you had to know where to look for, if you wanted to find it. This place was remote.

This time the signs about camera surveillance were not jokes. There was one old camera in a light post by the road I walked towards the place. I smiled and waved at it. I also like to live dangerously.

Very old and very decayed old wooden houses indicated that I was on the right way.

And there is the beauty, a former epilepsy hospital. Built in the 1930’s it last housed asylum seekers in the early 2000’s, but has been abandoned for around 20 years.

The birches have grown for 20 years here.

The main entrance was well closed. I didn’t expect to gain entry, as I had earlier read that all doors had been covered already a few years before.

Most of the windows were broken. It’s such a shame to see such a beautiful building in such a state of disrepair.

Like I usually do, I decided to walk around the entire building to see if I could find a way in.

The image quality is pretty bad. It was actually the middle of the night. I decided that was the safest time to try to enter the place.

The vegetation was so thick, that it was actually impossible to get near the building. Although the asphalt road leading to the hospital was in a very bad state, somebody was regularly driving around the place.

Beautiful details in the main building. But no point of entry, so I left and again waved at the cameras.

There is a reason why I believe that there indeed were real cameras in the place. Several urbexers have reported that they have encountered one or two shady men while approaching the hospital. The men have apparently been aware that somebody has been approaching. The men have been furious and have been cursing and screaming that there is no business entering the hospital.

But I encountered nobody. And am quite happy with that.

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